How is Barnet changing the library service?

  • Barnet is moving towards shrinking our libraries and sacking the staff.
  • On average the SPACE in our libraries will be cut IN HALF!
  • Many libraries will have NO PROFESSIONAL STAFF at all and only be open for 15 hours a week if they can find volunteers to run and organise all aspects of the library for free.
  • 'Core' libraries will be staffed only 15 or 16 hours per week
  • 'Core Plus' libraries will only be staffed 23.5 hours per week
  • When there is no staff on site:
    • There will be no toilet access of any kind
    • No children aged 15 or under will be allowed in unless accompanied by a parent
    • The library will be automated & monitored only by remote CCTV

Our libraries need to be:

  • Staffed
  • Safe
  • Open to everyone

What's your story?  We need it now!

The savage & wasteful cuts proposed by Barnet Council will not save any money but will damage the lives of many of Barnet's citizens.

Please tell us your story.

We believe Barnet's actions are in violation of the Libraries and Museums Act (1964). Save Barnet Libraries is making a complaint to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport demanding that he enforce the law and our rights to an efficient and comprehensive library service that promotes usage to children and adults and also that does not discriminate against anyone.

No other library service has successfully survived these sort of cuts.  

The proposed plans disproportionately affect certain types of people who are the most likely to use the library. 

Libraries are a right - not a luxury!

We need your stories! 

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport has a duty to enforce the Libraries & Museums Act (1964).  Save Barnet Libraries is submitting a formal complaint demanding an enquiry into Barnet's plans.